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With over 20 years of motorsports experience on track, Justin Schuoler has taken his on-track experience into journalism. So far, I’m the only news source for local kart racing, and am looking to expand across other motorsports and regions in the future. Currently, I plan to help cover three major karting series in the southwest as much as I humanly can: Tri-C Karters, Formula Karting Championship and Los Angeles Karting Championship.

My goal is to provide small series, drivers and fans a centralized news source for information about their club, to share a driver’s perspective for all the fans and mechanics, and publish the great stories that come from the small yet mightiest clubs. While social media is a great way to connect with others, there are ways where it isn’t sufficient to collectively follow up on information that may have not appeared in news feeds. I also want to provide local drivers some publicity on their accomplishments, as well as help promote local shops to continue growing the sport of karting and motorsports as a whole.

This newfound love began just recently when I started working for¬†Speedway Media¬†during most of the west coast NASCAR races. My lovely and beautiful wife, Rachel, has been in racing photography for many years, so our teamwork for one of the highest national racing organizations is also being brought to the local clubs here in southern California. I’m hoping soon to be back in a seat eventually, but for now, I’m enjoying every minute announcing, officiating and writing. In 2019, I’m ultimately looking forward most to your stories and sharing those with the rest of our racing family.

If you have a story for your club or team that you would like to post on my website, please use the contact form to reach out to me and I can reach out to you shortly. Thank you everyone for your love and support, and hope I can continue giving back to our world.